Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."
—  Shakti Gawain

Remedial, Relaxation or pregnancy Massage


Remedial massage – Remedial massage is used to treat aches and pains. Tests may be performed to assess the muscles to tailor the treatment to you. A remedial massage may use a combination of deep tissue, trigger point release, cupping therapy, myofascial release and stretches.

Relaxation massage – A relaxation massage usually uses long, flowing strokes, and is for those looking for a little TLC after a long and stressful week. The pressure is light in comparison to remedial massage, although may be firm if requested. Essential oils to aid in relaxation may be used.

Pregnancy Massage – If you are pregnant, you don’t have to give up your massages. Massage during pregnancy can aid in relaxation, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, reduce oedema, ease joint and muscle pain associated with pregnancy and stabilise hormonal changes. Essential oils that are safe during pregnancy may be used.

30 minute consultation - $50
Great if you have only one area you want focus on such as back, back of legs, upper back and neck etc

60 minute consultation- $70
For those who have been in pain for a while, or have a larger area that needs to be cared for, Back and legs or arms can generally be covered. If you are pregnant, the minimum time required

90 minute consultation - $110
For those who would like a little more done. Great to cover the whole body and give you a little more time for some TLC

Note: Massage may include cupping and needling

Health fund rebates for remedial massage are available. Please check with your fund to find out your cover


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